Avalon SMP

Thu Feb 2. 2023

Avalon SMP

Give Me the Deets.

ASMP is a whitelisted, private Minecraft server. We center our community around the ideals that a small, tight-knit group of high-quality, good-natured players is far more invaluable than a large community open to the public, and are far more interested in the integrity of our community than in the growth and expansion of the server or in increasing activity in the server. As a result, all new member seeking to play on the server and participate in the community Discord will have to apply to join the server.

Our gameplay focus is on pure vanilla (minimal plugins.) survival mode and player-centric community. The difficulty is set to hard. The map type is amplified.

How Active is ASMP?

We have a group of regular/active members and 19/35 slots on the whitelist taken. Once we reach 30, the server will be closed. The server is currently played on a daily basis by a group of people. We have a bunch of shops and builds.

What Are The Rules, Though?

1) No griefing/raiding. Griefing is intentionally breaking or destroying things built by other players or trashing up an area with ugly blocks (i.e. covering everything in lava, placing dirt all over, destroying a build.) Raiding is coming onto the server and spamming it with obscene text in order to drive people off of it. This will absolutely result in an instant, indesputable, permenant ban,

2) Do not take from other players' chests without their explicit permission in that circumstance. Taking their inventory after you kill them is okay (they might come after you), but don't rob their house/storage unless they give you permission in that instance, for that chest, in that circumstance.

3) Do not either directly communicate or otherwise insinuate racist/sexist/neurotypical belief, slurs, or anything in between. This includes neurotypical slurs (rtrd). If you use slurs in a non-hateful context it's still a slur, and still disallowed.

4) Do not share or distribute pornographic content. If you're having a respectful conversation about a topic that has adult themes that's okay as this server isn't strictly PG, but no content with the intent of being erotic is allowed.

5) Do not use mods that give you an unfair advantage over other players. This includes X-ray texture packs, ore scenters, waypoints, minimaps that give you fullscreen maps, biome finders, aimbot, automine, afk-fishing, and other similar mods. Optifine is okay. Minimaps that do not give you fullscreen/world maps, and by extension just show the area immediately surrounding you, are okay – so long as they don't show the location of other players.

6) Do not share or distribute pirated or otherwise illegal media. Any such media you distribute in the Discord server or on the Minecraft server will be removed without warning. In addition, all actions and interactions undertaken on the Discord server must abide by the Discord ToS and Community Guidelines.

7) Don't be pretentious, rude, demeaning, patronizing, or behave in an otherwise funkilling manner. This is absolutely against everthing our community holds near and dear. If you don't cooperate with your fellow man (or woman, not discriminating), at bare minimum treat them as a charitable equal. Behave as though you possess some degree of competence; and, lest you believe otherwise, I promise that you do.

8) No staff have OP. As far as in-game gameplay goes, we're all equal. No cheats. No hacks. No creative mode. Just pure survival gameplay. The moderators are always keeping an eye out, and NGS will be able to ban, kick, or mute you from the console, though – so don't get any funny ideas.

If you have any questions about the server or would like to see screencaps of anything in particular just let me know. The server has paid-for fulltime hosting.