Minecraft 1.15

Tue Dec 27. 2022

Minecraft 1.15

The Second Combat Update The first thing, Mojang has already said: “We have a great idea for them (smithing table and fletching table) for the next major themed update…” And I can only connect those two thing with the combat stuff. What's more, jeb_ also post a snapshot “1.14.3-Combat Update” on his reddit. With no doubt, 1.15 will definitely be a major update for combat system. But how? First, the combat system is going to be changed just like what we see in the snapshot. I'm not gonna talk about that a lot since we're here for guessing update. Second, I guess, there must be some new kind of weapons. Not sure what will be added, but I will be glad if they add something like katana (so cool!). Also they might add new type of arrows for the fletching table. And there might be some new ore(s) for making weapons.

One of Three Biomes Will Be Updated. According to the tweet from the official Minecraft twitter posted on Jul. 27 link, we'll probably be able to vote a biome from the three below to be update first. Snowy Tundra: New mob may be reindeer, owl, musk ox or something else. May add some nature structure(?) Jungle: New mob may be monkey, poison frog, snake or something else. May be “wetter” to act more like reality. May improve the jungle temple(?) Warm Ocean: New mob may be… uhh, actually, I don't know. We already have corals and nemos. I can't imagine What else can they add (or perhaps shell?). Frankly it's not necessary to update warm ocean. It's too young to be updated. I will rather the nether be changed. Or it's just an innocent tweet without any meanings? We won't know until Sep. 28.

The Cave Update. Ok, ok, I know. Helen said that it is NOT a cave update. But I'm still looking forward for this since it will be awesome, and will be even better than they update the nether. First, cave may have different appearance related to the biome. Imagine when you're adventuring in an ice cave! Second, ore generation may be related to the biome too. Just like you can find more diamonds in South Africa. Third, actually just my hope, please update the dungeons lol.

The “Bluedust” Yeah, I would rather call the unknown blue thing “bluedust” than “bluestone”. Please concern the feeling of lapis. For someone didn't know about this, the official Minecraft 1.14 trailer [link] has a little Easter egg(?). At 0:45, the fourth villager count from left throws something. It has a shape like redstone dust, but it's blue. Precisely, cobalt blue. And before this, AntVenom had suggested the update theme to be “Combat and Cobalt”. Whoah, it's mind blowing. But Helen, yet again, said that it's not made by the developer team, so the trailer does nothing to the next update:( But hey! We can still imagine Minecraft with bluedust. Perhaps they will add bluedust because of this accident;) Since the villager that throws the bluedust seems to be a cleric villager according to its skin. So if it's really an Easter egg, the bluedust must have something to do with brewing. For something more you can look at AntVenom's video [link].

Armored Elytra. Sadly it's confirmed to be a mistake too. But the community may be happy even though it's kinda overpowered.

Bug fixing & Quality Improvements That is the MOST IMPORTANT THING!!! Currently Minecraft 1.14 has lots of issue with multiplayer and mods. That cause players to play some other earlier version like 1.7.10. And why can a game with only blocks costing RAM that insanely fast? (Fortunately I have a good computer lol)

And that's it! So far we can only get these messages confirmed. On Sep. 28 Mojang will hold the Minecon Live, and jeb_ said that we can learn more information about 1.15 then. Waiting for two month…