QuickCraft Server

Wed Nov 23. 2022

QuickCraft Server

We are one of the biggest server in sweden but we don't talk swedish ingame. We have alot of good plugins and Mods Admins. We are up 24/7 and can handle 65 players with nolag. We run the last technology that will make your gaming more fun and lagfree without any blocklag or something. We are a pretty new server only 2 months but very successful server. We have over 6000 joined players, And a lot of regular player. We always update to the new update when the update come.

Our website is: http://quickcraft.info/home Where you can donate talk with friends send applications and alot of more things.

Hey and welcome to QuickCraft! This is a server whit fast growing community and players.QuickCraft's goal is to create a safe and fun environment for all of your amazing minecraft creations. To minimize griefing we run the wildly successful plugin, LogBlock. We have 99% uptime and almost no lag. We need help to build up QuickCraft och att grow our community. We have advanced economy system whit Jobs, Chestshop and IConomy. This is a really good server give it a try JOIN today.

The Boss is the owner of the server
Superdon donate 100 dollar for creative and worldedit.
Elitedon Dontate 50 dollar for creative, nick your name.
Don3 Donate 30 dollar Spawn items and use of godmode
Don2 Donate 20 dollar Kit diamond every week. nick your name
Don1 Donate 10 dollar Kit Iron and nick your name
Trusted be on the server in 2 weeks and send a application at
Builder is the defult rank

NO:Asking for OP/Creative
NO:Greifing or stealing items
NO:Spam or excessive use of caps
ALWAYS:Be nice and respectful to others
NO:Asking for ANY items in the chat
NO:1×1 towers or obstructive buildings
NO:Mods including fly, xray & speed
ALWAYS:Replant trees and DO NOT leave halftrees
NO:Use of TNT, Will be kicked on placement
NO:Asking for flat land
NO:Asking for a teleport from Mods or Admins