Soulest Server

Thu Nov 3. 2022

Soulest Server

Welcome to Soulest!!

Soulest is a Faction based pvp Server, we have friendly staff to help out and basic information in the server to get user started. So join in and have fun. No Whitelist, you can also use kits for starter items(/kit begin).

The owner takes his role VERY! seriously and he does not take the server as a GAME, but his personal business to help out the community.


No Hacks
No Exploits
No Advertising
No Teleporting while in combat
No Logging out while in combat
Respect players and staff


– Obsfuscator(Prevent X-Rays)
– NoCheat(Prevents Hacks)
– WorldGuard(Anti-Grieffing)
– Factions(Anti-Grieffing)
– WorldBoarder(Anti-Lag)
– WorldEdit(Edit Tool)
– Essential(Economy, Jail, Spawn, Groups)
– Mcmmo(Skills)


– Overseer
– Protector
– Observer
– SurvivorApprentice
– Survivor