TKraft Server

Sat Oct 22. 2022

TKraft Server

We (the staff of TKraft) have a vision for minecraft, our vision is to try and replicate a basic MMORPG pvp server. This means there will be professions, classes, clans, parties, NPC's, quests.
At the moment we have a lot of stuff done but there is still alot to do. The server has been setup with the basic stuff of what we are planning to do, and there is a lot of future content to be coming. We have put the server up since 15-1-2012 and is still fresh in its shoes.

Respect both staff and players with respect.
Raiding and pillaging is fully allowed
Killing players is fully allowed
Using Xray or other clients that will give you a advantage over other players, is strictly forbidden
Unnecessary grief is not allowed.

Beginners tutorial (ingame) required.
Hero plugin tutorial (ingame)
Residence plugin tutorial (ingame)

We have tons of plugins but here are the major ones.

Our Plugins:
MCmyadmin Allows staff to get easy and fast access to the server.
Heros Allows players to get there own classes, including skills and professions.
Residence Allows players to make or buy/rent a area that will be protected against grief or stealing.
Chestshop Allows players and staff to make shops out of there chest, used for easy trading while not playing.
NoCheat Allows the server to prevent cheats.
Anti-Xray Allows the staff to easy monitor Xray usage.
WorldEdit Allows staff to easybuild big stuff up.
SimpleClans Allows players to make clans and party's
Essentials A advanced plugin with a lot of different features.
Logblock Anny unwanted grief can be tracked easily
iConomy Allows players to trade and gain money.

Fighter Is strong at hand to hand combat, and a master with the sword.
Rogue Sneaky little bastards specialized in agility, and master at the art of shadows.
Archer A skilled bowman specialized in using bow and arrow, and keeping there enemy's at bay.
Sorcerer Skilled mage class using fire and curses to slay there enemy.
Wizard A skilled but noble mage, uses lightning and illusion to get the job done.
Monk A hand to hand specialist skilled, made for dodging
Cleric Also known as the hand of god, is build for healing and curing curses.


Server specs:
Location: France
Uptime: 99.9%
Processor: Xeon i7 W3520 4×2(HT)x2.66+ GHz
Ram: 24GB
Harddisk: 2x 120GB – SSD
Player limit: 50 at the moment, we haven't stressed tested it yet. We can still increase the amount once we are close to 50

Additional information:
At the moment we have 1 owner, 3 admin's and 3 moderators, and we are still looking for additional staff members

There is, ofc more to come, like quests, npcs and such, so there is alot to look forward to.