Trying to Install Forge?

Tue Oct 11. 2022

Trying to Install Forge?

I've followed all the steps from multiple videos and pages, but every time I download the Installer from AdFocus, it gives me the .jar file which I then extract but it doesn't give me the window to install the client. What am I doing wrong?

Twitch has a desktop client which the old Curse stuff (which is where Minecraft and bunch of other games' mods are stored) has been tied into, so you can go into the Mods section of that, 'Create Profile' and choose which Forge version you want and it will set it up for you automatically.

I've only modded 1.7.10, but from my experience you shouldn't have to mess with the .jar file. I'm pretty sure you run the installer and then just run minecraft and setup a profile for the modded version unless it's a different setup for newer versions.

To install mods after you get it setup go to appdata/.minecraft/mods and paste them there.