Unlocking Multiplayer: Adding Servers on Minecraft Mobile


Preferred Gameplay Style

Minecraft is a game that thrives on creativity, exploration, and collaboration. While playing in single-player mode offers a fantastic experience, joining multiplayer servers takes the game to a whole new level. If you're a Minecraft mobile player eager to unlock the joys of multiplayer, this article will guide you through the process of adding servers on Minecraft Mobile.

  1. Understanding Minecraft Bedrock Edition:

    Minecraft Mobile, also known as Minecraft Bedrock Edition, is the version of the game designed for mobile devices, including Android and iOS. It is compatible with cross-platform play, allowing mobile players to join servers hosted on other platforms like PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

  2. Finding Minecraft Mobile Servers:

    There are various ways to discover Minecraft servers suitable for mobile gameplay:

  • Official Server Lists: Explore official Minecraft server lists, such as the "Servers" tab within the game or the official Minecraft website. These lists provide a collection of servers approved by Mojang Studios, the creators of Minecraft.

  • Community Forums and Websites: Join Minecraft community forums or visit websites dedicated to Minecraft server listings. These platforms feature a wide range of servers, often organized by categories such as survival, creative, minigames, or role-playing.

  • Word-of-Mouth Recommendations: Reach out to fellow Minecraft players, friends, or online communities to get recommendations for quality servers. Experienced players can suggest servers that suit your preferred gameplay style or cater to specific interests.

Minecraft Server

Adding a Server in Minecraft Mobile:

  • Launch Minecraft: Open Minecraft on your mobile device and ensure you're signed in to your Xbox Live or Microsoft account. This account is required to access online multiplayer features.

  • Access the "Servers" Tab: In the main menu, navigate to the "Play" section. Look for the "Servers" tab, usually located alongside "Play," "Realms," and "Friends."

  • Add a Server: Within the "Servers" tab, select "Add Server" or a similar option. You'll be prompted to enter the server's IP address and port number.

  • Obtain Server Details: Obtain the server's IP address and port number from the server's website, forum post, or any other reliable source. This information is crucial for connecting to the server.

  • Enter Server Details: Enter the server's IP address and port number in the respective fields. If the server requires a specific port, ensure you include it. Optionally, you can assign a name to the server for easier identification in your server list.

  • Save and Connect: Once you've entered the server details, click "Save" or "Add Server" to store the server information in your Minecraft Mobile. The server should now appear in your server list.

  • Join the Server: Select the added server from your server list and click "Join Server" or a similar option. If the server is online and accessible, you will be connected to the server's world.

  1. Server Rules and Etiquette:

    When joining a Minecraft server, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the server's rules and guidelines. Each server may have specific rules regarding behavior, chat etiquette, griefing, or player interactions. Respect these rules to maintain a positive and enjoyable experience for yourself and other players on the server.

  2. Building Connections and Engaging:

    Once you're on a Minecraft server, take the opportunity to connect with fellow players and engage with the community. Minecraft is a social game, and multiplayer servers offer platforms for collaboration, trading, forming alliances, or participating in community events. Embrace the opportunities to meet new players, showcase your creativity, and embark on joint projects.

  3. Community-Hosted Servers:

    In addition to joining existing servers, you can also host your own Minecraft server to play with friends or create a community of your own. Various hosting services offer user-friendly solutions for setting up and managing Minecraft servers, allowing you to customize the gameplay experience to suit your preferences.

Adding servers on Minecraft Mobile opens up a world of multiplayer possibilities and community engagement. By exploring official server lists, community forums, and personal recommendations, you can find servers that cater to your preferred gameplay style. Adding servers in Minecraft Mobile is a straightforward process, and once connected, you can dive into the multiplayer experience, build connections, and embark on collaborative adventures with fellow players. So grab your mobile device, find your favorite servers, and unlock the joys of multiplayer in Minecraft Mobile.

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